First Step to Coding and Robotics (Summer Camp)

  • First Step to Coding (Summer)

    Robotic & Coding
  • This course prepares students to have a logical mindset for future programming. Throughout this course, students will be engaged in solving logical problems by interesting online exercises and interactive activities. They will use simple instructions to control characters to complete different tasks. Finally, they can use graphical instructions to build an interactive story.

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the way how computer executes programs
    • Solve problems by instructional way
    • Learn using basic programming method such as loop


    • Photo record of completed programmes
    • Animation story being shared online
    • Age Group:
      3-5 year old
    • Class Size:
      4 - 6
    • Fee:
    • Total classes:
      18 classes
    • Each lesson:
      1 hour per lesson
    • Sessions:
      Mon - Fri

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