E-learning Platforms: Mathletics

  • Mathletics

    Makes students love learning Mathematics!
  • Interactive Platform Enriches Learning Interest
    The interactive computer interface with interesting content and exercises makes maths learning like a game, engaging student in learning maths and improving their study effectiveness and academic result.

    Focus on Concepts Supplemented with Exercises
    Mathletics emphasizes on understanding the math concepts, and supplement sufficient exercises with different difficulties to match student’s individual need.

    Personalized Study Plan Customized for Individual Requirements
    Mathletics covers full K1 to S6 local & international curricula and provides periodic assessments to students. Based on the assessment result, teachers can assign a personalized study plan and adjust the plan according to the student’s progress from time to time.

    Computer Reports for Tracking the Learning Progress
    Each student has a personal account and students can set their favorite layout. Parents and teachers can browse the reports anytime to review the progress. 


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