• Little Graphic Creator

    Software Application
  • This course shows students the workings of Photoshop as they create some awesome visual works together. It promises them fun and engagement of capturing and choosing photos for the works, as well as adding text and embellishments to finish it off. This is a great opportunity to give the students a jump-start in photography, technology, Photoshop, design, and online learning.

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn the basic functions of Photoshop
    • Develop creativity and graphical sense
    • Develop ability to search and select appropriate images online for completing a visual work
    • Foster confidence to present ideas through visual design


    • Completed graphical/photo portfolio
    • Age Group:
      4-6 year old
    • Class Size:
      4 - 6
    • Fee per class:
    • Sessions:
      Mon - Fri
    • Prerequisites:
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