Little Architects (Summer Camp)

  • Little Architects (Summer Camp)

  • Architecture develops not only students’ ability to apply knowledge of cross-disciplines and problem-solving skills but also aesthetic appreciation, design thinking and creativity. The course integrates theory and practice and includes lessons, studios and site visits. Students also develop presentation skills and confidence through regular class studios and periodic parent and guest presentation. Students have opportunities to get comments from guest critics who are practicing architects.

    Learning Objectives

    • Apply knowledge of cross-disciplines and problem-solving skills
    • Develop presentation skills and confidence


    • Able to create and present their own architectural design
    • Able to appreciate and criticize other's design
    • Develop hand drawing skill, problem-solving skill, creativity and logical thinking
    • Age Group:
      5-18 year old
    • Class Size:
    • Fee:
    • Total lesson:
      9 lessons
    • Each lesson:
      2 hours per lesson
    • Sessions:
      Tue - Fri
      10:00am - 19:00

      9:00am - 19:00
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