• Engaging Presentation

    Software Application
  • This course teaches students to use Powerpoint by breaking it down in a simple and interesting method as they create some awesome short presentations. It engages them how they plan a good presentation and use pictures, text and even animations to present their ideas. It not only equips them with the basic skills of utilizing tools of Powerpoint but also gives them a jump-start in the fundamental principles and confidence of delivering a clear and attractive presentation to the audience.

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn the basic functions of Powerpoint
    • Develop presentation skill
    • Develop ability to search and select appropriate content online for presenting ideas
    • Foster confidence to present ideas


    • Completed presentations
    • Age Group:
      6-8 year old
      9-12 year old
      13-18 year old
    • Class size:
      4 - 6
    • Fee per class:
    • Sessions:
      Mon - Fri
    • Prerequisites:
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