• AR Development & Application

    Industry 4.0
  • This course teaches people from different industries such as retail, education, media etc. on how to develop and use AR to create interactive content for enhancing experience of customers, students, audience etc. This course covers both theory and practice from introductory to intermediate level including theory and daily application of AR, 3D model building, Unity and Vuforia for coding AR games and apps. Course participants will have hands-on exercise to actually programe and create AR games and apps.


    Learning Objectives

    • Theory and daily application of augmented reality
    • Coding AR games and apps by using Unity and Vuforia
    • Building and inputting 3D model into the AR games and apps
    • Practical application of AR into working environment
    • Target Industries:
      All industries
    • Class Size:
      10 - 30
    • Class Mode:
      Face to face / Online
    • Course Fee:
    • Schedule:
      3 days
    • Prerequisites:
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